Jeff Weber

Jeff Weber

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Mudam Luxembourg -  Musée d'Art Moderne Grand Duc Jean 

11 November - 27 February 2022

Untitled (Suzanne), 2021, 3 min, 35 mm

Jeff Weber's 35mm film Untitled (Suzanne) is a portrait of french artist Suzanne Lafont, known for her conceptual approach to photography.

Weber filmed her while she was installing her exhibition How Things Think in the spring of 2021 at Erna Hecey Gallery in Luxembourg. Lafont’s series of photo-graphs Embarras [Embarrassment] (2002) refer to a scene in the Charlie Chaplin short A Day’s Pleasure (1919), with the protagonist’s comic but unsuccessfull unfolding of a deckchair.

Through the use of the artworks’ reflective surfaces and of the camera’s movements through the exhibition space, Weber’s film intensifies the theatricality of Suzanne Lafont’s work, reverses the relationship between photography and cinema, and intersects their temporality.