Jeff Weber

Jeff Weber

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Carré d‘Art -  Musée d’Art Contemporain, Nîmes

Serial Grey
June - November 2021

For Carré d’Art, Jeff Weber presents a juxtaposition of several bodies of work, starting with Untitled (Neural Networks, nn_3d), a recent series of large format grid-like photograms that establish an enigmatic dialogue with his photographic and archival practice (An Attempt at a Personal Epistemology).

The title chosen for the exhibition in Nîmes, ‘Serial Grey’, is a good description of the Neural Networks as a whole, but it seems controversial in the light of the other (small) black and white – that is to say, grey – images. The idea of a standard (common) grey or a ‘serial’ grey (in quantity) is intended to unify photographic forms that seem at first sight very distant, and even opposite.  

Ultimately, the title ‘Serial Grey’ refers above all to the (mental and material) network’s very constitution. In any case, the emphasis placed on the tonal component of photography and its quality as ‘grey rectangle’ have an enigmatic effect that distances the images’ ‘subject’ (reserving it for curious viewers).