Jeff Weber

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Review, Aperture Magazine 

Serial Grey - Roma Publication 411

Brian Sholis’ review of
Serial Grey - Roma Publication 411

as part of the 70th anniversary issue of Aperture Magazine:

After the Kunsthalle Leipzig closed, Weber returned to impersonal generative technologies: the patterned grids in the early pages of this book are, in fact, recent photograms resulting from a hacked-together combination of artificial neural networks, torn-open LCD displays, and a traditional photographic enlarger.  Such oblique strategies require explanation for their impact to be fully felt. But, as hermetic and aloof as the book can seem, it is both intellectually fertile and, surprisingly, emotional.

SERIAL GREY makes plain that Weber derives meaning from reciprocity, whether the relationship in question is with another person, with a tool, or, above all, with art.
- Brian Sholis