Serial Grey 
Carre d’Art - Musee d’Art Contemporain, Nimes
June - November 2021

For Carré d’Art, Jeff Weber presents a juxtaposition of several bodies of work, that trace the conflicting forces of photography and film within his practice.

It starts with the Neural Networks, a series of large format grid-like photograms that establish an enigmatic dialogue with his photographic and archival practice An Attempt at a Personal Epistemology / Kunsthalle Leipzig. Nothing is more impersonal, if not ‘abstract’, than the representation of the functional networks of the mind. The very notion of ‘representation’ is subjected to a sort of mise en abyme, since it is about creating an image of the activity of the organ that generates every representation.

Jeff Weber places his activity at the intersection of conceptual art and experimental cinema; photography enables him to go from one edge to the other. Weber sees the photographic image not as an object but as a knot in an ensemble of relations. He recently pointed out: ‘The photographic image is not an isolated object, it is caught in a complex ensemble of relations from which it emerges as a nodal point; it is this network of relations that is crystallised in the image

Ultimately, the title ‘Serial Grey’ refers above all to the (mental and material) network’s very constitution. The emphasis placed on the tonal component of photography and its quality as ‘grey rectangle’ have an effect that distances the images’ ‘subject’ (reserving it for curious viewers).

Curator: Jean-Marc Prevost